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Your place on the web


Your domain name - Your street address on the web.
.com names are the most popular and best remembered. You will want to personalize your e-mail address to you domain name so keep the name as short as possible.

A hosting service. - A company that will host your site on their computer. Get a good one. You want your site to be available 99% of the time. You also want to be able to reach the company 24/7 if you have a problem.

The design. - The actual layout of your web pages. Surfers have no patience. Make sure that it loads fast and is easy to navigate.

The content. - To us, good, up to date content is still the most important element of a site. You will be spending a considerable amount of time and money getting your site designed so make sure that you will be able to update it regularly and that you will own the finished content.

E-mail and feedback forms. Your customers or clients should be able to contact you from your site.

For an e-commerce site you will need to get a special package of tools including a shopping cart, credit card and security.

Access and editing. If you are going to update your site frequently you need a broadband connection. You will get FTP access from your hosting provider and should consider an HTML editor.

Promoting your site

Advertising. Add your domain name to your business card, stationery, invoices and anything else you have printed. A great way to get started but it will not get you a customer you would not get anyway.

SEO. - Search Engine Optimization. Make your site search engine friendly. Search engines, as their human counterparts, like sites that are easy to navigate and have good content. The site, title and key words should match the content.

Submit your site to search engines. You can learn to do it or use a service. Some hosting companies include this in their service at no added cost.

Get your site listed in directories. Trade associations, chambers of commerce and other organizations often list her members in online or printed directories.

Pay per click or "PPC". and other performance based services. Google, MSN and numerous other services will advertise your site and charge you when someone visits it. A great way to get visitors as soon as your site is up.

Keep it secure. and running. Your site can be hacked by others or compromised by you. There is little you can do to prevent hacking. Even large, secure sites fall victim to professional hackers. You can prevent compromising it through your computer.
Check your site often and back it up. Be ready to replace pages or the whole site.
Continue improving your site. Update your site regularly so visitors and search engines will keep coming back. Keep improving your content; check your key word performance and your rankings.

Alex Majthenyi

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